The International Vale Tudo Council (IVCouncil) was created for the purpose of regulating Vale Tudo (Mixed Martial Arts, No Hold Barred, Pankration, etc.) competitions around the world. Due to the great developments of this sport worldwide, we felt it was time to create a sanction body for the regulation and positive development of this exciting new sport, the sport of the new millennium. With this in mind, the IVCouncil was born in São Paulo, Brasil, July 30, 1999. The council representatives present were Sergio Batarelli/IVC (Brazil), Koichi Kawasaki/Pride (Japan), Miguel Iturrate /HOOKnSHOOT (USA), Stephane Cabrera /WKN (France), and respected journalist, actor and teacher of kickboxing, Stephen Quadros (USA). The first meeting was important in that it made official that the new organization will move forward toward the enlargement of the sport.  Of primary concern is the fighters' interests, as well as the trainers and promoters. All three elements are key and vital for the growth of our sport.  Once we establish Vale Tudo, or NHB as it is known in the United States, as a truly professional and regulated sport it can finally win the respect and acceptance of the general the public (much like boxing, football, tennis, etc.), as well as establishing credibility and gaining approval with the political authorities, and finally opening doors to sponsorships and corporate endorsements for our athletes. In short, our goal is that the sport of Vale Tudo be recognized as the sport of the new millennium. We believe that only through unity can this objective be realized.