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The Brazilian Confederation of Vale Tudo and Thai Boxing - CBVT, was founded on May 3th, 1997, with the purpose of regulating, to supervise, to sanction and also to accomplish events of: VALE TUDO, MMA-MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, THAI BOXING, MUAY THAI, KICKBOXING,  FREE FIGHT, WRESTLING, NO HOLDS BARRED, FREE STYLE, BARE KNUCKLES, SHOOT FIGHTING, PANCRASE, SHOOT WRESTLING .


The founder and president of CBVT is it Mr. Sergio Batarelli, the vice-president is it Mr. Antonio Carlos Pereira.

The purpose of CBVT, foreseen in the article 1st of his statutes, they have with competence:

*To direct at the country the sports of his competence;

*To accomplish competitions;

*To stimulate the development of the amateurism, to restraint his disfigure, to exercise rigorous fiscalization on the professionalism;

*To accomplish and to do to accomplish the Laws, Regulations, except the one of technical character, deliberations and other acts of powers or organs of superior hierarchy applicable to the sports;

*To send discipline code, penalties, rights and duties, relative to the sports of his direction;

*To regulate the transfer and athletes' removal, in the terms of the Law;

*To subordinate to his approval the adoption of the sport professionalism for any adopted;

*To register professional athletes' contracts, as substantial condition of his validity;

*To care for so that the sports of his competence are practiced as formation elements and improvement of the race;

*To have under his technical control and scientific the sports that to direct;

*To defend the interests of the affiliated ones and athletes in his relationships with the public authorities, federal, or state

*To authorize the affiliated participate out of the jurisdiction competitions of a same Federation.

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